Month: March 2023

About The Secrets Of Virtual Roulette

As you know, online casinos today offer players to use not a full-fledged roulette, but a computer program, the so-called random number generator. The essence of this program is very simple – the output of results without following a specific algorithm. The probability of knowing the number before it comes up is zero.

Hacking an RNG is a topic for a separate article, which, for security reasons, is unlikely to ever appear in the public domain. This is illegal and knowledgeable people will definitely not expand on this topic. Summing up, we can say that it is impossible to win here to gain an advantage over a virtual gambling establishment.

A few words about betting systems

Perhaps the most popular topic among beginners who are eager to move mountains and do the impossible (read, beat the casino in its own field) is the roulette betting system. What is behind this term? You will be rolling on the roulette, betting according to a strictly defined algorithm, which can be planned for the entire game segment or change depending on how the situation in the game develops.

Without exception, how bitter it is to realize this. As practice shows, the maximum that you can count on is variety in the gameplay, some influence on the variance, but, be careful, you cannot raise the chances of winning thanks to these systems.

The best mathematicians of the planet have repeatedly studied roulette, however, they have failed to create a betting system that would reduce the advantage of a gambling establishment. This is confirmed by a huge number of scientific articles, the authors of which in practice show that it is impossible to beat the casino on its own field.

So, betting systems won’t help you win, but their application can be fun.

The most popular betting system is Martingale, the Martingale system. For beginners, these well-known systems seem to be very effective, but they cannot have any effect on the advantage of a gambling establishment, which is incorporated in the roulette wheel.

Few recommendations

Modern roulette is gambling, where it is impossible to influence the advantage of a gambling establishment in the game process (this is, in fact, different from blackjack, poker, video poker). The smartest advice that somehow works is to choose the right type of roulette.

One of the most useful recommendations is not to play American roulette with its two zero sectors, as the house edge increases from 2.7 to 5.4%. But if the difficult one has brought you to a casino where only American roulette is offered, avoid bets on 5 numbers – 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3, it is the most disadvantageous for the player.

French roulette will be more profitable (La Partage and En Prison rules, halving the house edge to 1.35%).

Actually, everything is very simple – do not bet more than you can afford to lose, be able to leave the casino in time, both in gain and in the red. The main thing in roulette is discipline and financial control.

Please note that it is impossible to earn honestly on roulette, this was said at the time by Albert Einstein, who recommended stealing chips from the table while the dealer does not see it. Bright advertising of questionable software, all sorts of betting systems – all this will not affect the casino in any way.

By the way, your experience of playing roulette is not worth, absolutely nothing, over time you will not play better. In offline casinos, experienced players can take advantage of the human factor – croupier’s mistakes, as well as wear and tear of equipment. In virtual gambling houses nothing can be done at all.

Don’t be fooled. Roulette is a risky and very peculiar game. If you want to play for the result – give preference to blackjack or video poker.